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Diving & Red Sea
The red sea offers some of the finest diving and snorkelling in the world accessible to most travelers at a fraction of the cost than reaching the Seychelles or the great Barries Reef. It's also a cheap place to learn open-water diving and gaining a PADI certificate, entiling you to dive anywhere in the world. You must have an internationally recognized certificate in order to rent scuba diving tanks, though other gear can be rented without one.

Diving Courses

PADI open water course:

Many people visit Sinai simply to acquire this on diving courses, the initial step is a five-day open-water course.
Open water diving is the first level of PADI scuba certificate. Your ticket to the underwater world.

PADI-advanced open-water course:

If you would like to continue with your training, this is the perfect course for those divers who already have 'open-water' accreditation.
Qualified divers can progress through advanced open-water, dive master and instructor certification, and take specialized courses in underwater rescue, night or wreck diving.

Daily dives:

A daily package of 2 dives including all equipment, air, guide and transportation.

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