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Religious Sightseeing

1- Complex Relagion

In one place and the land of Egypt, collect traces of the monotheistic religions of the three Islamic, Christian, Jewish, and was visiting on his visit to the complex religions pleasure rare spiritual high around the place, and enough honor to have witnessed two of the first determination, and two Prophet Moses and Jesus, peace be upon him .
2- Al Azhar Mosuqe

Located in El Hussein Square, the Al-Azhar Mosque (the most blooming), established in 972 (361 H) in a porticoed style shortly after the founding of Cairo itself, was originally designed by the Fatimid general Jawhar El-Sequili (Gawhara Qunqubay, Gawhar al-Sakkaly) and built on the orders of caphil Muezz Li-Din Allah. Located in the center of an area teaming with the most beautiful Islamic monuments from the 10th century, it was called 'Al-Azhar' after Fatama al-Zahraa, daughter of the Prophet Mohamed (Peace and Prayers Be Upon Him).

3- Mohamed Ali Mosuqe

Though certainly not one of the most ancient mosques in cairo nor even one of the most historic, because of its grandeur and its location in the citadel, the Mosque of muhammed ali is the most popular Islamic mosque among tourists. This mosque is also sometimes referred to as the Alabaster Mosque due to its extensive use of that stone on some of the exterior walls and other surfaces. Sometimes it is popularly known as al-qal'a, meaning citadel, and thus confused with the fortress in which it is located.

4- El Saieda Zineb Mosuque

Sayyida Zeinab Mosque is one of the holiest places in Egypt. Zeinab is Prophet Muhammed`s grand daughter. Her shrine is also situated in this mosque. The mosque is considered a place for Psychological rest for some people as they always go there for praying and worshipping. The mosque was constructed in the meantime by the building of Al Hussein Mosque – in the 12th century - and was renovated three times; in 1761, 1884 & 1942. It was built on the Mamluk style, decorated with inscriptions and embellishment.

5- Abn Toulon Mosuqe

It imitated both the Amr Ibn El-As and ibn tulan mosque The first Fatimid monument in Egypt, the Azhar was both a meeting place for Shi'a students and through the centuries, it has remained a focal point of the famous university which has grown up around it. It was under Yaqoub Ibn Cals that the mosque became a teaching institute. This is the oldest university in the world, where the first lecture was delivered in 975 AD. Today the university built around the Mosque is the most prestigious of Muslim schools, and its students are highly esteemed for their traditional training. While ten thousand students once studied here, today the university classes are conducted in adjacent buildings and the Mosque is reserved for prayer. In addition to the religious studies, modern schools of medicine, science and foreign languages have also been added.

6- El Emam El Shafay Mosuqe

The Mausoleum of Imam El-Shafey lies 600 meters away from a square that carries his name , on the right side of the façade of El-Imam El-Shafey Mosque . The tomb of Sayyid Muhammad Abd El-Hakam and the cenotaph of Sultan el kamil ayyub and his mother also can be seen near by this mausoleum . This tomb is considered as one of the largest mortuary chambers in egypt and is still visited by a large number of people till now whether Egyptian or non Egyptian due to its historical and religious significance .

The mausoleum was built in the late ayyub period by el kamilMohamed Ibn El Adel , the nephew of Salah El-Deen El-Ayyuby . El Imam El Shafey is the one who initiated the Shafey Mazhab , one of the main four rites of Sunni Islam . After coming to Egypt in the 9th century , he died in 820 and was buried in this mausoleum .

The decoration of the mausoleum is regarded as a good example for the fatimid style of decoration . The outer walls of the tomb are ornamented with graceful step crenellations with beautiful strpwork frieze and blind arches with ribbed hoods and between the arched panels of the mausoleum appear handsome rosettes and lozenges .

7-  El Refa`ey Mosque

The Al-Rifa'i Mosque ( transliterated also as Al-Rifai, Al-Refai, Al-Refa'i, and named in english the Royal Mosque), is located in cairo,egypt, in Midan al-Qal'a, adjacent to the cairo citadel. The building is located opposite the mosque madrassa of sultan hassan which dates from around 1361, and was architecturally conceived as a complement to the older structure. This was part of a vast campaign by the 19th century rulers of Egypt to both associate themselves with the perceived glory of earlier periods in Egypt's Islamic history and modernize the city. The mosque was constructed next to two large public squares and off of several European style boulevard constructed around the same time.

8- El Sultan Hassan Mosque

The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan is a massive mamulok era mosque and madrassa located near the citadel in cairo. Its construction began 757 AH/1356 CE with work ending three years later 'without even a single day of idleness'.[ At the time of construction the mosque was considered remarkable for its fantastic size and innovative architectural components. Commissioned by a sultan of a short and relatively unimpressive profile, al maqrizi noted that within the mosque were several 'wonders of construction'.The mosque was, for example.

9- El Sayada Nafesa Mosque

Ms. Nafisa is a girl-Hasan ibn Zayd ibn al-Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib, may God bless him, was born in Makkah and raised in the city, and came to Egypt in the year 193 AH, corresponding to 809 AD and established by that died in the year 208 AH, corresponding to 824 AD, was buried in her home, a position Now, in whom the grave and later known as the scene of Ms. Nafisa, and she was a woman is valid Zahida memorize the Quran and its interpretation.
When fire destroyed a large part of the mosque in 1310 AH, corresponding to 1892/93 AD is Khedive Abbas Pasha, the second is the re-building and the mausoleum was done in the year 1314 AH corresponding to 1897 is now the mosque Quarter-known name.

The point of the mosque, the main adorned the entrance, a prominent imprimatur and high it covered hat Mqrnsp The above beacon graceful built with the destination on the Mamluk, and this produces the entrance to the vestibule up rights, including to the mosque, which is a space almost square tiled roof of a wooden carved motifs Arab beautiful and above the middle of the second arcade, rattle him high, and this ceiling on a portable three rows of contracts based on the pillars of marble octagonal sector.

10- El Sayeda Esha Mosuqe

There is the field of ancient Egypt, Aisha, and Aisha is the girl Ayesha Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al-Baqir bin Imam Ali Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Imam Hussain ibn Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib God's face, and was one of the Abidat Aleghantat Almojtahdat, and died to the mercy of God Almighty age 145 AH and was buried in the tomb of a simple place of the current mosque, and her grave was simple until the century VI AH where renovations were added to the tomb has been appended by the school, re-construction of the mosque Prince Abdul Rahman Katkhoda in the eighteenth century AD, where he became a mosque consists of a Dish and four corridors, newly Qamn Ms. Faida full renewal of the mosque becomes whole.
11- Amr Abn El Aas Mosque

Going back to the beginning of the Islamic conquest of Egypt .. We find that the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas is completely different to what it is now was a roof of palm leaves, mud, and carried on columns of palm stems and the height is low.The wall is brick and non-coated dish did not have the home was furnished with straw, and has a well known Balbstan ablutions. It was not by the minarets nor any kind of decoration both at home and abroad, and the altar of prayer and flat without a decree on the wall cavity and then made renovations and expansions of the mosque after that throughout the ages.
12- El-Hussein Mosque

The El-Hussein Mosque sits on the site of the cemetery of the Fatimid caliphs. It was entirely rebuilt under the khedive Ismail. Earlier this century the remains of the cemetery were discovered while work was being done on the mosque's foundations. There are forty-four white marble columns that support the wood ceiling. On one side of the mosque is the mausoleum which is the oldest part of the complex which was built in 1154 and then modified in 1236. In the mausoleum are the remains of El-Hussein. A cupola with a ceiling that is decorated and inlaid with gold surmounts the mausoleum. There are two minarets at the complex. The one on the southwest side is from the same period as the mosque. The other is contemporary in style as is the mausoleum.
13- Sultan Baybars Mosque
Mosque of Sultan Baybars 665-667 AH = 1267-1269 AD. Baybars was initially owned by the Emir Aladdin Iiedkin Bunduqdari then became King of the Mamluks, inter-Salih Najm al-Din. As Tosmh its business acumen and intelligence emancipation.

Has been promoted to positions in the State to enable the cunning policy to assume the throne of Egypt and Crown king year 658 AH = 1260 and nicknamed the King Zahir.

It was one of the greatest sultans of the Mamluk state marine was the crisis of success in his wars against the Crusaders and the Tatars and subjected to the revolt of the princes of Syria, became moving from victory to victory, and reconcile to Tawfiq that passed away 676 AH = 1277 were not the concerns of war to hinder it from interest architecture and construction He left a lot of religious and civic facilities was the most important fact, the great University Square, which apparently started in the inception year 665 AH = 1267 and completed in the year 667 AH = 1269.This is the Whole of the largest mosques in Cairo, where an area of ​​103 meters in 106 leaving only the external walls and some contracts gallery kiss. It also kept the time on many of the decorative details, including whether stucco or carved in stone. And give us a correct idea of the remains of what it was when you created the Whole of the magnificence and majesty.

14 - Churches

the Hanging Church is the Hanging Church in the neighborhood of ancient Egypt, in Cairo Coptic archaeological important, they are close to Mnjama Amr ibn al-Aas, the Temple of Ben Ezra, Jewish, and the Church of St. Mina next to the fortress of Babylon, the Church of Martyr Mercurius (Abu Seven), and the churches of many other . Bamuallqp and named because it is built on the twin towers of the ancient Roman fort (Fort of Babylon), that which had been built by Emperor Trajan in the second century AD, is outstanding is the oldest churches still remaining in Egypt Alexandria.

15- Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque

El-Mursi Abul-Abbas Mosque ( is a famous mosque in alexandria, egypt It is dedicated to the 13th century Alexandrine sufi saint Mursi Abul Abbas whose tomb it contains. It is located in the anfoushi neighborhood of Alexandria, near the citadel of caitbay.

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