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World-famous ruins. Year-round sunshine. And one of the most famous rivers in the world flowing through it. Luxor is World-famous ruins. Year-round sunshine. And one of the most famous rivers in the world flowing through it. Luxor is definitely the place to visit. Located on the banks of the Nile in Upper Egypt, Luxor (from Al Uqsur in Arabic meaning “the palaces”) exists on the site of the city of Thebes, the former capital of ancient Egypt.



The Valley of the Kings is the site where the pharaoh's underground tombs have been constructed. The various tombs such as those of Tutankhamun, Ramses III and IV reveal much about the funerary rites of Egypt and also showcase the day to day life in the country. The kings their reigns and their virtues have been elucidated in these tombs. A number of religious sites and shrines that have been built in Luxor are major sightseeing spots in Luxor as well. The nearby Temple of Kanark is the largest temple complex constructed by mankind. A number of other temples such as the Temple of Hathor and Hatshepsut and the Temple of Seti I are famed for giving the world insights into ancient Egyptian religion and mythology. Besides their historic and archeological value, these sightseeing destinations in Luxor help reveal much about this ancient civilization in terms of art, craft and culture.



Shopping in Luxor is a great experience in itself. Luxor is the only place where you can shop to their hearts content. The excellent ranges of shops that sell a diversified range of things are considered the best in Egypt. We recommend Luxor's market, or souk, on Sharia el-Birka, as well as the tourist bazaar on Saria el-Karnak which offer scarves, scarabs, spices, carpets and other local souvenirs.



The accommodation here consists of hotels outside the centre which are quieter with more relaxing settings, those nearer the centre are more convenient for sightseeing without transport. 


Egypt's local cuisine is absolutely delicious, such as the kebab, the kofta and kushari. When on holiday in Luxor, tourists will find most restaurants in the centre of town. The Oriental, situated close to Luxor Temple is recommended as well as Amoun Restaurant on Sharia el-Karnak and the El-Hussein. 

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