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Prior Travel – General Information

Do we need a visa to travel to Egypt? How much do visas cost and where is the easiest place to get them?
A tourist visa is required to enter Egypt. These are issued at the airport when you arrive in the country and are valid for 90 days. Your passport must not expire until at least 6 months after the end of your stay. For detailed information on visas and fees, please check our visas and passports section. 
Do I really have to check in 3 hours prior to departure for my flight?
Yes, security checks are taking longer and therefore airline check-in desks are closing earlier.
What is the weather like in Egypt?  When is the best time to visit?
Along the Nile: December to February (the cruise season). In March/April and October/November, things are less busy and the temperatures are mild.
To the Red Sea: spring and autumn are the best seasons (be wary of the sandstorms and intense heat of the desert climate. Cold nights in winter).
What is the currency in Egypt? Where can I exchange money in Egypt?
The national currency is the Egyptian pound (EGP), known as the guineh in Arabic. It is divided into 100 piasters (irsh in Arabic). There are ATMs in the main towns and in certain hotels.
Money exchange service is easily available through banks and certain bureau. You can also use money change service on the web.
Is it possible to bring our pet with us on our vacation to Egypt?
Yes, pets may enter Egypt on the condition that you provide a certificate of origin and a health certificate. There are no forms for this, but a dated, signed letter is acceptable. The certificate of origin may be provided by the pet store where your pet was purchased or by a vet. The certificate of health must be provided by a vet.

What type of clothes should I wear?
When sightseeing, wear light cotton clothing, a hat, suncream and sunglasses to make the weather conditions bearable. When visiting religious buildings and when in town, dress correctly. Women must cover their heads, shoulders and legs. Take off shoes before going into mosques.

Are there restrictions about bringing alcohol into the country?  What is the legal drinking age in Egypt?
Yes, individuals may bring in up to two liters.  The legal drinking age in Egypt is 21 years old.

During the holy festival of Ramadan, will alcohol still be served in the hotels and will services be affected?
Alcohol will be served. Some services, excursions and entertainment may be limited. Please show consideration and respect at all times it is a holy month.


What accommodation is available in Egypt?
Egypt offers a wide range of hotel accommodation that goes from deluxe, simple camping, echolodges to budget even you can have your own property or rent villa. For more information or booking visit our accommodation section.
Tours and Attractions
What is the ideal length of an Egyptian tour?
It is impossible to make a full tour of Egypt in a single trip.

One-week tour:
Brief visits to the main sites: Cairo, the pyramids, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Luxor and Karnak, Aswan, Abu Simbel. Cruise on the Nile or a stay on the Red Sea coast or on the Mediterranean coast.
Two-week tour:
Visits to the main sites, cruise for a few days on the Nile, plus seaside extension or an excursion to the oases. 
Where are the best places in Cairo to enjoy the genuine Cairo atmosphere?
The cafés in the small streets of the town centre: Ash-Shams, Fichaoui, Horreyya, etc.

The old cinemas: the Metro, the Radio, Diana Palace, etc.

Cairo stadium, during the soccer season (September to May) 

Am I allowed to take my camera into the sites in Egypt?
In the Egyptian Museum (Cairo), the Valleys of the Kings and Queens (Luxor), and certain other sites, cameras are permitted but flash photography is not allowed. You will have to pay a small charge to take your camera into many sites. 

Where can I play golf easily?
If you haven't booked a golf theme holiday, you can still play golf once you arrive.
In Cairo: Mena House Oberoi (founded in 1902), Gezira Club (9 holes) Katameya Heights (27 holes), Mirage City, Pyramids Al Soleimania (27 holes).
The Royal Valley in Luxor, the Sporting Club in Alexandria.
On the Red Sea: in Hurghada, the Cascades Golf Resort(18 holes), in El Gouna (18 holes), in Sharm El-Sheik: Jolie Ville Golf Resort (18 holes).

Where are the finest diving spots in the Red Sea?
In the Sinai:
Dahab and the surrounding area:
Blue Hole, the Canyon, the Islands
Sharm-El-Sheikh and the surrounding area:
End of the Road Reef
Ras Mohammed: Ras Ghozlani

Along the coast:
Near Hurghada: Shaab Abu Ramada
Giftun island: Carless Reef

Qosseir and the surrounding area:
Green Hole, Beit Goha, Sirena Beach Home Reef All year round, professional diving clubs run by qualified instructors (PADI or CMAS) organize introductory or sport dives (limited to a depth of 30 metres). A medical certificate may be required. There are also plenty of lovely things to see simply by snorkelling out from the beach.

Is SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) diving ok for people with asthma?
No. in order to scuba dive, you must NOT suffer from any problems with: asthma, breathing difficulties, claustrophobia, heart, chest, ear, nose, eye and throat. You must also not fly within 24 hours of diving.

What souvenirs should I bring back home?
Gold and silver jewelry and semi-precious stones, Bedouin embroidery from the Sinai, basketware, cotton linen, papyrus, rugs, blown glass, spices, etc

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