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Good to Know

Below you will find a variety of Egypt travel information that will assist you in making your Egypt travel plans. Additionally, you'll learn many valuable Egypt travel facts that will assist you throughout your stay. 

VISA’S:  Visas are required for all nationalities.  Many country's citizens can obtain one upon entry however citizens of some countries are required to obtain their visa from a consulate before arriving. Although most airlines can tell you whether one is required for your entry prior to arrival, it would be best to check with the closest Egyptian consulate or Embassy to be certain.

Passport Note: Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of visit.  

CURRENCY: The local currency is the “Egyptian Pound” which is divided up into one hundred piastres. Currency comes in both paper and minted coins, and a visitor can choose which they find easier to handle. Pricing on items may be noted in traditional pound signs (£) or by the designation of LE, which is a French term. Currency exchange is available at both exchanges offices and banks.  

Travel Insurance: Most vacations or journeys should include an itinerary, some advanced planning and an investment in travel insurance. Most group tour companies offer comprehensive insurance options, and these are always a wise investment. If travelers are not part of an organized journey, it is even more important to consider travel insurance.  

Public Holidays: The nation of Egypt is a Muslim country, and most of their public holidays mark religious events. Most Muslim festival periods, denoted by specific public holidays in Egypt, are usually timed to coincide with local appearances of certain phases of the moon. For example, Ramadan. During Ramadan visitors to Egyptian cities may notice that cafes are particularly busy during the evening hours, as residents partake of their first meals of the day. The closing of Ramadan is marked by another festival, the Eid al-Fitr, which is also a time of celebration and feasting, and the official closing of Ramadan called “Bairam”.

National public holidays in Egypt are with fixed dates:

January 17 is the observation of Christmas according to the Coptic Orthodox Church.

April 25 noting of Sinai Liberation Day which marks the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

May 1 is Labour Day

July 23 is Revolution Day (since the 1952 Revolution)

October 6 is Armed Forces Day, which marks the crossing of the Suez Canal by Egypt during the October War of 1973 are all also marked with closings of government and ministry offices. 

Power Adapters: Egypt uses 220 volt plug-ins, and plugs are two-prong rounded. You'll need one of the two varieties of power adaptors. For electronic gear that has switches to allow you to change the power input type, a simple wall adapter is all you will need.  

Eating and Drinking: Eating and drinking in Egypt will introduce most travelers to the native foods of the country, many that are all ready popular in Western cuisine as well. Items consumed by most Egyptians every day can include pita bread, falafel, tahini and hummus as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

A main staple of the diet is beans prepared in a huge variety of ways. Soups and salads made with both meat and fish and vegetables are typical as well. Yogurt is a commonly found item along with a feta-like cheese called gibna beida.  

Religious Limits: Despite the prohibition against alcoholic beverages common to devout Muslims, you will find that the vast majority have no problem with your imbibing. In addition to their rejection of alcohol, Muslims are faithful in not eating pork (considered unclean). They are also inflexible when it comes to pornography - explicit sexual materials such as magazines, photos, tapes, or records, are totally illegal and likely to be confiscated. Remember, almost all Egyptians are devout and conservative Muslims or Coptics.

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